France at its best

In the grounds, as you walk through the well attended gardens you will find two fenced ponds, vegetable and herb gardens.

There is a large wood on the property, where adventurous children can explore or even pitch a tent for the night.

All outside areas are served with a sonos music system so that you can enjoy the music of your choice.

Parking is to the rear of the property, all vehicles out of sight. Once you arrive you will not feel the need to leave. There is ample space for all residents and visitors.

There are 2 large terraces. To the east of the kitchen where the sun rises and sets, it is wonderful, enjoying a coffee and a croissant, looking over the rolling hills and through the avenue of Plane trees. Another terrace is perfect for lunch with a table large enough to accommodate all guests and children. BBQ's can be arranged here for lunch or dinner. It is shaded and also offers the misting system! This is also where canapés and drinks can be served of an evening where there is further soft seating, overlooking the pool area and tennis court.

With plenty of terraces to enjoy your meals, all carefully positioned to make the most of the rising or setting sun, and providing shelter from the midday heat - there is absolutely nothing to complain about.
Nicky de Veulle